Tree Surgery

Crown Reduction, Pollards & Dismantle Services

Tree Surgery

All aspects of tree surgery undertaken from crown reductions, pollards, dismantles, tree planting and crown thinning. We cover Wymondham, Attleborough, Diss, Norwich and all areas in between across Norfolk.


The safe removal or any diseased, dying or unwanted trees.


Is the heavy pruning of trees to keep and control their shape and size, whilst keeping the tree healthy.

Crown Reduction:

Reducing the overall size of a tree by cutting back to suitable pruning points.

Crown Thinning:

The removal of a lot of the secondary growth within the tree canopy making it less dense. Doing this tends to allow a lot more light to come through.


The removal of any dead, dying or diseased branches within a tree.

Stump Grinding:

We also offer a stump grinding service to remove any tree stump below ground level.

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